Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun in the Sun!!!!

I am currently in Mexico on vacation with my wife and daughter and thought I would share some photos. This is the first vacation we have had a chance to take with our daughter, and she has had just a great time. You can tell by the picture that she has thoroughly enjoyed the tropical drinks, I think she likes eating the pineapple more than drinking the drink though.
I have to admit, she has been quite good the entire trip, we drove from Missouri (a 24 hour drive) and I was worried about her ridding in the car that long, thank goodness for portable DVD players. In the meantime, we have just had a great time relaxing in the sun and playing in the ocean. Back to the real world next week.

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Josh Hoover said...

Happy to see you all are having fun there Chad while we slave away here at work. ;)