Thursday, May 8, 2008

JavaOne Day Two - All about SOA

As you can tell from my title I spent the bulk of my day attending sessions geared towards SOA. I have to say that the day started out fantastic when I attended the Integration Profile for Glassfish v3. This TS was given by Keith Babo and Andi Egloff of Sun and they did a phenomenal job of introducing us to Project Fuji, Sun's next generation integration runtime. I was pleasantly surprised to see when Keith gave the demo that they used a couple of the binding components that we, Gestalt, had developed. The good news is that Keith has put up a screencast of the demo he showed this morning that shows of Project Fuji, and also our RSS and XMPP components. Project Fuji and Glassfish ESB look very promising and I will be following them closely.

The rest of the day I spent my time going to various sessions on SOA. There is still a lot of talk about whether or not SCA is competing with JBI, or are they compliments. To be honest I'm still not sure my self, but we will see how it plays out.

I ended the day with the JBI 2.0 BOF. I really like the way the expert group is approaching this. They are doing a code first spec. What the heck does that mean? Basically what they are doing is going to be putting out code to the community implementing their ideas and gauges the communities feedback. Once they get the feedback they need then they will put it into the spec. I think this approach is better in that it will get the community involved in helping drive the specification, we just need to contribute and provide the expert group the feedback.

Well, that's a short and sweet for today, I'll try and get something up again tomorrow.

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