Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Sports Rant

So, my favorite time of year is quickly approaching......Football Season. Lately I have been catching up on where my teams stand, and as usual someone is holding out for more money. This is my biggest problem with Pro Sports in general, causing me to be a bigger College sports fan. I get sick and tired of seeing athletes hold out for more money cause they have had a couple of good seasons. What happens if you have a bad couple of years, should the team be allowed to negotiate your contract down to what you deserve, oh no that is not how it works. I am a Chiefs fan, and as most sports fans know, Larry Johnson is holding out for more money. I can see where he is coming from in a way. He has been one of the best backs, if not the best, the last couple of years, and he does not make nearly as much as some of the other backs in the league, e.g. LT, Shaun Alexander, Edge, etc. My beef with all of this is what ever happend to honoring your contract. You are still making a lot of money, more than 90% of the people out there will make in a lifetime. Teams have to honor the contract no matter what, unless they want to cut you. At the end of the day I do not really blame the athletes, I blame the agents. Most of the time I think they ruin what is good about sports, they are not in this for the athletes, they are in it for themselves. Just this morning they were talking about Brady Quinn holding out for more money because he thought he should have been drafted higher, sorry buddy you did not so you get pick 22 money. Now go prove yourself on the field and get that money the next contract, what a novel thought .... proving yourself and earning that money.

I will get off my soap box now.......

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Josh Hoover said...

I have to disagree Chad, at least when it comes to the NFL. The NFL does not provide guaranteed contracts. Larry Johnson could be cut by the Chiefs after this season and not have to pay him a dime more. What if Johnson has a serious knee injury this season? True, he'd only be a multi-millionaire, but that's not the point. ;) The NFL asks for these hold outs. The NBA and MLB have guaranteed contracts and that comes with the opposite problem -- you can't get rid of the overpaid bums. I'm not sure one situation is better than the other. I support the NFL players' right to hold out. If the market supports them getting more, then so be it. If the contracts were guaranteed, then it's a non-issue. Both sides should honor the contract and that's the end of the discussion. :)