Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The "I" in JBI is for Integration

Just in case anyone was wondering....

I came across this article today which discusses integrating XMPP presence in J2EE, and as I am reading the whole time I'm thinking I could do this with JBI utilizing the XMPP Binding Component and the JMS Binding Component. Leveraging the BPEL Service Engine I could easily orchestrate everything and not have to write any code, just create a composite application and deploy it to my JBI Container (e.g. OpenESB) and I'm golden. The XMPP BC would handle receiving the presence notifications and utilizing BPEL we could pass that along to the JMS BC to be published to the topic or queue.

I get the feeling that most developers feel the need to always write code to come up with solutions to their problems, when in all actuality there might be a solution to your problem already. I have said it 100 times myself, "I'm not happy unless I'm in my IDE coding away".

So my last thought....

Before you get knee deep in code (I know it's fun), check out some of the components that are available and see how you can use JBI to integrate solutions for your problems. Remember the "I" in JBI is for Integration.

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